Used audio pro gear purchase guide
In front of the current offer growth in second-hand audio, it's starting to be very tricky to find its way :-( A lot of equipment sales, that were previously handled by specialists , occur now, thanks to globalisation and Internet, without any kind of expertise. Authenticity of vintage gear, reliability, price differences, how to figure out if an offer is appropriate or not?
Several important issues must be taken into account:
If a piece of gear is a rare model, it is absolutely essential to know if the components are authentics and/or have the same value than the original ones. If not, not only you might lack the expected performances but the unit will get depreciated, as time goes by, instead of getting up in value.
Whatever the equipment, it is capital to know about its history as much as possible. How was it used? Was it often moved? Where has it been installed? In a smoking/non-smoking environment? Was it maintained on a regular basis? From the answers to those questions greatly depends the reliability of the equipment once purchased!
Finally, the obvious question is: what does the asked price represent? Has the equipment been recently serviced? If yes, what level of service? Is there any warranty? If yes, does the seller commit himself deontologically beyond the warranty time? will he able to help if a problem occurs (knowing that any used piece of gear will surely need a fix one day or another)?
At Funky Junk, all those details are scrupulously checked. We perfectly know what we're selling, not only the performances, but also what lies inside the machines and how they're supposed to work. When we offer a vintage unit for sale, we perfectly know its level of authenticity. Whatever the equipment, we know its history - this is especially important for mixing consoles whose some models we've often rejected knowing what they've been through and, as a matter of fact, what will arise after being serviced. We simply do not want (as much as our clients) to spend time in useless maintenance! The equipment we sell is serviced*, have a warranty** and we commit ourselves morally beyond the time of the warranty for the work done while servicing the equipment. Funky Junk has the necessary competences to solve the technical issues whenever they arise. All this included in the prices of the equipment we sell. This explains the price differences you will notice with those from the 'wild' used gear market. It's then a just a matter of level of risk taste!
*On some consoles we even go to the point where the totality of the passive components are changed: condensers, resistors,etc., even if it's not an absolute necessity.
** 3 months