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A DesignsHM2 Compressor - NAILNewNwe compressor from A Designs, the NAIL is a Feedback, Diode based design combined with tubes. This combination qualifies it to be a Hybrid. Beside traditional controls, it features a Hard Threshold, a HPF and a Mix (blend) adjustment making it a real creative tool far beyond the simple control of the dynamic!
2280 €

( 2,736 inc-vat )
AL.SODynax 2NewHigh quality STEREO opto compressor - adapted to sound recording as well as intense dynamic processing (effects).
3460 €

( 4,152 inc-vat )
AL.SOHellaxNewAll-purpose mono compressor based on the DYNAX². This quality-manufactured unit offers a very low distortion with powerful features, from light compression to sound shaping, for a competitive price.
1920 €

( 2,304 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC1NewSSL type stereo compressor
1975 €

( 2,370 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC2NewLike the C1 with "CRUSH"
2475 €

( 2,970 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC2MNewLike the C2 but with only one set of controls. Version dedicated to stereo signal processing.
1975 €

( 2,370 inc-vat )
Anthony de MariaADL 660NewMono version of the 670.
10640 €

( 12,768 inc-vat )
Anthony de MariaADL 670NewPerfect copy of the Fairchild 670 - excellent!
14440 €

( 17,328 inc-vat )
Anthony de MariaCL 1000NewMono version of the SCL-1500
1380 €

( 1,656 inc-vat )
Anthony de MariaSCL 1500NewStereo TUBE compressor - The best existing LA-2A replica - very hot sound, great for takes, great for mixes!
2430 €

( 2,916 inc-vat )
API2500NewStereo Compresseur with 2 vu-meters.
2700 €

( 3,240 inc-vat )
API525New500 series module - Classic discrete Compressor/Limiter/Desser.
1075 €

( 1,290 inc-vat )
API527New500 series module - Modern version of the 525.
958 €

( 1,150 inc-vat )
AvalonAD2044NewDual/stereo CLASS A discrete comp
2619 €
2488 €

( 2,986 inc-vat )
AvalonVT 747 SPNewTUBE stereo spectral opto compressor & EQ
2120 €
1999 €

( 2,399 inc-vat )
BAE Audio10DCNewNEW: "10DC" Stands for "10-Series Dynamic Compressor". Joining the rest of the famous BAE 10-Series (1073, 1023, etc.) It is reminiscent of the famous Neve 33609 but with improvements like adjustable attack ranging from 2 to 80ms and more: It is fully Class A, it features a transformer coupled, all-discrete circuitry that is sonically familiar to the BAE Class A line of gear, ideal for achieving the classic analogue sound favorable in today's digital recording. Stepped Elma switches for every control, a reverse analog meter, and the trademark Marconi knobs facilitate ease of use and repeatability. Independent circuitry for compressor and limiter allows use of one or both for greater control. Also featured is a true bypass that is stereo-linkable.
1540 €

( 1,848 inc-vat )
CartecTHCNewThe THC is a two channel hybrid compressor that employs eight valves and four discrete amplifiers to achieve a unique level of control over dynamic range, harmonic distortion content, and tonal balance.
After the transformer coupled input, audio is split into two separate parallel processing paths. The first stage is a pair of variable transconductance EF183 valves operating in a push-pull configuration and feeding an ECC82 with an interstage transformer. By varying the input and output level in different proportions, this stage can change from fast, transparent compression, to a more aggressive crushing character with added distortion.
The second stage which splits from a separate winding of the input transformer, is intended to be blended together with the compressed output to either restore some natural dynamics, or add extra character. This uncompressed or 'Dry' signal is passed though a set of passive filters which allow three different bass and three different treble shelving frequencies to be boosted, should you want to blend a higher amount of a particular uncompressed frequency range. In combination with this is a variable asymmetrical clipping threshold, which can greatly increase the second harmonic content for anything from subtle warming, to heavy distortion, and added to taste or even used as an effect on its own.
Both signal paths each have a separate output fader before the discrete mix bus and transformer coupled output amplifier.
The THC can also form a passive Mid/Side encoding and decoding matrix with its input and output transformers, and features a switchable sidechain high pass filter at two frequencies.
4257 €

( 5,108 inc-vat )
ChandlerGermanium CompressorNewMono Compressor - Germanium transistor based circuits. Needs a PSU-1 power supply.
1380 €
1310 €

( 1,572 inc-vat )
ChandlerLittle Devil CompNew500 series Fet compressor module using concepts from both the Chandler Germanium and the vintage Neve 2264 Compressor.
962 €
913 €

( 1,096 inc-vat )
ChandlerLTD-2NewMono compressor based on the Neve 2254 circuits. Warm and creamy... Needs a PSU-1 power supply.
1380 €
1310 €

( 1,572 inc-vat )
ChandlerLTD-2 MasteringNewLTD-2 Mastering version pair. Requires a PSU-1 power supply.
3094 €
2939 €

( 3,527 inc-vat )
ChandlerPSU-1NewPSU for TG or LT series units.
242 €

( 290 inc-vat )
ChandlerTG1NewStιrιo/Dual Compressor, recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late 60's.without PSU. Needs a PSU-1 power supply.
3457 €
3284 €

( 3,941 inc-vat )
ChandlerZenerNewStιrιo/Dual Compressor, recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late 60's. Extended version of the TG1. Needs a PSU-1 power supply.
4139 €
3932 €

( 4,718 inc-vat )
Crane SongSTC-8NewStereo compressor combined with a remarkably dependable peak limiter, providing overload protection critical to digital recording and broadcasting. Engineered to provide musically transparent gain control, but also capable of emulating vintage equipment.
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Crane SongTrakkerNewSingle Channel Discrete Class A Compressor Limiter. It functions either as a musically transparent compressor or as a vintage compressor/limiter with selectable hard or soft knee.
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Drawmer1960UsedDual/stereo valve mic preamp + compressor.
Hi Z aux input with Shelved EQ to use with instruments.
DrawmerDL221UsedIndustry standard budget dual mono/stereo compressor/limiter, widely used since the mid 80s. Side chain inputs, preset peak limiter. Easy to use, clearly laid out, but the meters are not always terrifically accurate. The first and least cluttered of a family that later added expanders, variable soft/hard knee options and even gates.
DrawmerDS201UsedClassic unit, the DS 201 is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, and not found on conventional noise gates.
On Hold
EAR660NewValve Mono Compressor / Limiter - Fairchild 660 like.
9140 €

( 10,968 inc-vat )
ElysiaAlpha CompressorNewMighty tool for professional dynamics processing. Featuring innovative functions and providing absolutely uncompromising sound quality, it sets new standards for enhancing any kind of audio material. It offers M/S processing, parallel compression, limiters, as well as sidechain and audio filters, just to name a few. Detailed description by clicking the thumbnail on the right.
7990 €

( 9,588 inc-vat )
ElysiaMpressorNewThe mpressor is a new tool for modern dynamics processing. On top of the tried and tested standard features, this creative compressor provides several special functions that produce fat and freaky sounds with maximum punch, beautiful colorations and extreme processing options. Besides classic tracking applications, its favorite domains are groovy effect compression and creative sound design. Detailed description by clicking the thumbnail on the right.
3360 €

( 4,032 inc-vat )
ElysiaNvelopeNewStereo and rack version of the nvelope 500. This unit is capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely useful for reshaping all sorts of individual tones, and is a wonderful tool in any mixing situation as well. The nvelope 500 operates independently of the specific level of a signal, and (unlike with compressors) you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to balance a set of complex controls to quickly get the results you seek. With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope 500 gives you enhanced control over processing, and can easily handle complex program material. Additionally, its dynamics sections can be bypassed, allowing it to function as a flexible high/low shelf EQ...
990 €

( 1,188 inc-vat )
ElysiaXpressorNew2 channel multi-purpose compressor. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch.
990 €

( 1,188 inc-vat )
ElysiaXpressor 500NewExtremely versatile stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode provides a superior audio quality which combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch.
649 €

( 779 inc-vat )
Empirical LabsDerrEsserNewMulti function dynamic filtering device, in an API 500 series module format. In its basic “DS” mode, the DerrEsser is an effective, level insensitive de-esser, which is a device that will adjust the high frequency gain on overly trebly or spiky vocal, or other source. By using a crossover technique, and dividing the audio up into a high frequency range and a low frequency range, the DerrEsser can use its Voltage Controlled Amp to turn down comparatively high or harsh high frequencies in an extremely musical manner. However, unlike other de-essers, the device is not limited to just de-essing, and allows for multi use of its circuitry.
470 €

( 564 inc-vat )
Empirical LabsDistressor EL-8/MXNewDigitally controlled mono analog compresseur. "Image Link" et "British Sound" included.
1700 €

( 2,040 inc-vat )
Empirical LabsDistressor EL-8/SXNewSTEREO version of the Distressor EL-8.
3400 €

( 4,080 inc-vat )
Empirical LabsFatso Junior EL-7NewLight version of the STEREO Distressor. Includes the "Analog Tape Simulator" and "Optimizer" options.
1940 €

( 2,328 inc-vat )
Fairchild663UsedFairchild 663 module pair serviced, racked and powered by Funky Junk. If the Fairchild 660 is compared to the Urei LA2A, the Fairchild 663 is the Urei 1176.
1250 €

( 1,500 inc-vat )
GML2030NewThe Model 2030 Mastering Dynamic Gain Control is a precise tool for mastering and other critical applications where the utmost in control, flexibility, and transparency is demanded. Based on the proven GML Series III control and audio architecture, this no-compromise dynamic range controller continues the GML engineering tradition and expands familiar Model 8900 capabilities, including multi-channel operation. Needs 2 external 9015 PSUs.
5643 €

( 6,772 inc-vat )
GML8900NewThe 8900 Dynamic Range Controller was intrinsically developed to react to loudness (rather than volts) like our ears do. The 8900’s psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors, remarkably accurate log converters, and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to real signal energy, not just level. This unusual design employs unique controls, like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access the parameters that you really want to adjust. The entire audio path is all-discrete, including the VCA. Needs an external PSU (9015).
4430 €

( 5,316 inc-vat )
Gyraf AudioGyratec IIINewTrue tube stereo compressor based on the opto VCA principle. This method - controlling the gain by the means of a light dependent resistor - is not as fast as the vari-mu method, but much more subtle sonically. This principle is known from eg. the classic Universal audio LA2, LA3 and LA4 compressors
2158 €

( 2,590 inc-vat )
Gyraf AudioGyratec XNewReal tube stereo compressor based on the classic variable-mu principle. This method - controlling the gain by altering quesient current in differential tube pairs - is much faster than the optical method. The speed is why it was widely used in early limiter devices such as the Fairchild 670 or the Universal Audio 176, but the sonic byproducts of this topology are the main reasons why it is so popular today.
2750 €

( 3,300 inc-vat )
JDK AudioR 22NewDual channel compressor, designed from the ground up by API's design team.
920 €

( 1,104 inc-vat )
Kush AudioUBK Fatso EL-7NewEmpirical Labs EL-7 customized version by KUSH AUDIO, more "violent"!
More Info
2258 €

( 2,710 inc-vat )
ManleyElopNew2 Channel tube compresseur using optical detection. Very similar to the old Teletronix and Urei LA-2A units but with better specifications...
2691 €
2449 €

( 2,939 inc-vat )
ManleyVariable MUNewStereo tube compressor based on the Vari MU technology.
3574 €
3253 €

( 3,904 inc-vat )
ManleyVariable MU MasteringNewMastering vesrion of the Vari-Mu compressor.
4653 €
4096 €

( 4,915 inc-vat )
MaselecMDS-2NewDual mono, linkable, high frequency limiter primarily intended for use as a de-esser, reducing unattractive high frequencies, with minimum coloration and loss of clarity. Developed by Leif Mases (Producer or recording engineer for Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ABBA, and many others...)
2570 €

( 3,084 inc-vat )
MaselecMLA-2NewThe MLA-2 is a stereo or 2-channel compressor with stepped drive (input gain), ratio, attack and release time and output gain controls. For optimum transparency and freedom from noise the MLA-2 employs a non-VCA design. Great for recording or mastering. Developed by Leif Mases (Producer or recording engineer for Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ABBA, and many others...)
3220 €

( 3,864 inc-vat )
MaselecMLA-3NewThe MLA-3 is a stereo multiband compressor with superb features. Its has a stunning efficiency when used on mixes and is really the top tool for dynamic control in Mastering. Developed by Leif Mases (Producer or recording engineer for Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ABBA, and many others...)
4040 €

( 4,848 inc-vat )
MaselecMPL-2NewVery high quality limiter and deesser. Allows removal of spurious peaks, and an increase of subjective levels, without the coloration and increased distortion so often associated with soft clippers and other ultra fast limiters. Developed by Leif Mases (Producer or recording engineer for Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ABBA, and many others...)
2570 €

( 3,084 inc-vat )
MillenniaTCL-2NewStereo optical compressor / limiter both with tube and solid state paths (Twin Topology). Both topologies are entirely transformerless, high voltage and pure Class A.
2969 €

( 3,563 inc-vat )
Neve2254/RNewClassic mono limiter/compressor made to the exacting late-1960’s design but compatible with Neve Recall software (allowing to save and recall the unit settings).
1870 €
1776 €

( 2,131 inc-vat )
Neve2264ANewClassic Mono Limiter/Compressor. The legendary 2264A is now available again! With discrete, Class A/B design and transformer-coupled circuits used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, side-chain and output stages, the 2264A delivers a totally unique sound! This module shares the same format than the 1073 module and needs a box like the 1073 3U or the 1084 5U to work.
2370 €
2251 €

( 2,701 inc-vat )
Neve2264A LBNewNow available as a 500 series module, the 2264A is a mythical compressor that is still sought after, decades after production stopped. A great news for the "lunchbox" and other module box owners.
1180 €
1120 €

( 1,344 inc-vat )
Neve33609/JDNewStereo Limiter / Compressor.
3380 €
3042 €

( 3,650 inc-vat )
Pendulum AudioES-8NewThe ES-8 is a modern two channel limiter designed to have the compression characteristics of a vintage unit, but with a higher level of sonic accuracy. Rather than trying to recreate the past, we've taken an entirely different approach. The ES-8 uses a remote-cutoff triode with the same dynamic characteristics as the 6386 tubes used in the Fairchild 660. Subsequent amplification is accomplished with a Class A, balanced transformerless line amp, rather than the push-pull transformer output stage used on vintage variable-mu units. The result is a new class of limiters that possess the 'dynamic signature' of a classic tube compressor, but with a more accurate, less colored signal path.
3090 €

( 3,708 inc-vat )
Pendulum AudioOCL-2NewThe OCL-2 is a two channel electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility. Our short signal path design uses a custom optical input attenuation network in front of an all tube class A gain stage. Since the signal path is entirely transformerless, we've eliminated the coloration inherent in traditional transformer-coupled tube designs. The result is an open, detailed sound with an expanded sound stage and clarity that can only be achieved with modern tube circuitry.
2530 €

( 3,036 inc-vat )
Pendulum AudioOCL-500NewThe OCL-500 has the same compression circuit as the OCl-2, but uses a transformerless class A solid-state gain makeup circuit in place of the tube stage. The result is clean, transparent compression that can be used to shape the dynamics of any source while preserving its tone. Like the OCL-2, the OCL-500 has a wide variety of time constants and dynamic control to optimize the compression characteristics, including a sidechain hi-pass filter.
940 €

( 1,128 inc-vat )
Pendulum AudioPL-2New The PL-2 is a stand-alone two channel version of the very popular peak limiter in our Quartet II Tube Recording Channel. It uses a novel approach to brickwall limiting in the analog domain, one that is fast enough to prevent digital overs without using time delay or phase-shift delay techniques. This allows us to keep the analog signal path short, and keep the limiting circuit 'switched out' of the signal path below the peak limiting threshold. Distortion for all levels below the the limiting threshold is low, and does not rise as the threshold for limiting is approached. Unlike analog peak clippers, which chop off the top and bottom of the waveform, our limiter retains dynamic information at the top of the peak.
2130 €

( 2,556 inc-vat )
Ridge FarmBoilerNew"HARD" stereo compressor - the TOP for the ''LOOPS'' in London........…
1040 €
988 €

( 1,186 inc-vat )
Rupert Neve DesignsPortico 2 ChannelNewSelf-powered 2U channel module comprised of a fully-featured mic preamplifier, 4-band EQ, compressor-limiter, “texture”control and level metering, The Portico II Channel includes a bevy of new features including: Variable Silk / Silk+ Texture control, a fully tunable “de-esser”, multiple VCA filtering and detection options, a transient-optimized swept HPF and parallel compression blending.
2926 €
2633 €

( 3,160 inc-vat )
Rupert Neve DesignsPortico 5015 VNewVertical version of the 5015 H - allows insertion in a 5285-RM frame.
1672 €
1505 €

( 1,806 inc-vat )
Rupert Neve DesignsPortico 5043 HNew2 Channels Limiter / Compressor.
1630 €
1467 €

( 1,760 inc-vat )
Rupert Neve DesignsPortico 5043 VNewVertical version of the 5043 H - allows insertion in a 5285-RM frame.
1630 €
1467 €

( 1,760 inc-vat )
SSLE Series DYN 500NewModern version of the series 4000E console channel comp as 500 series module!
765 €

( 918 inc-vat )
SSLX-Rack DynamicsNewCompressor / Expander / Gate X-Rack module (XL9000K circuits).
615 €

( 738 inc-vat )
SSLX-Rack E Series Comp ModuleNewComp. X-Rack module (4000 E Series circuit).
765 €

( 918 inc-vat )
SSLX-Rack G Series CompNewCompressor X-Rack module (G Series).
1566 €

( 1,879 inc-vat )
SSLXLogic Stereo CompressorNewStereo Compressor
3249 €

( 3,899 inc-vat )
SummitDCL-200NewStereo Limiter/Compressor with hybrid Tube/Solid State technology.
2587 €
2458 €

( 2,950 inc-vat )
SummitTLA-100ANewMono compressor with hybrid Tube/Solid State technology.
1626 €
1544 €

( 1,853 inc-vat )
SummitTLA-50NewMono tube Limiter/Compressor - 1/2 RACK FORMAT.
521 €

( 625 inc-vat )
Thermionic CultureCulture VultureNewOriginally designed as a "distortion box" to simulate distortion in valve amps it has found lots of uses beyond this. Some people use it on drum loops, vocals, piano sounds and even across entire tracks (it is a stereo unit).
1630 €

( 1,956 inc-vat )
Thermionic CultureCulture Vulture MVNewCulture Vulture Mastering version. Transformer balanced inputs & outputs on stereo jacks. Transformer balanced rear mounted bypass switch. Large indented input Drive controls. Indented Output Controls. Specially selected or military type valves with longer life and low microphony. Carefully matched 5725 distortion valves.
2415 €

( 2,898 inc-vat )
Thermionic CultureNightingaleNew2 channel mic amp/equaliser and mono compressor. 1/2 rack format. Accessory rack available to accommodate a second unit or a Freebird.
2830 €

( 3,396 inc-vat )
Thermionic CultureThe PhoenixNewThe Phoenix is an all-tube stereo compressor, which can be used as a pair of mono compressors. It has a ‘soft knee’ or ‘variable mu’ characteristic in that the compression ratio increases with the amount of compression being used. Initial compression is 1.2:1 increasing to 5:1 at 15dB compression.
3490 €

( 4,188 inc-vat )
Thermionic CultureThe Phoenix MVNewPhoenix Mastering version.
4915 €

( 5,898 inc-vat )
TK AudioBC1-SNewThe BC1 provides smooth buss compression associated with one of the most famous buss compressors from the mid 80’s. Mixing engineers call it the magic ‘glue’ when transparent compression strengthens mixes without compromising clarity. The BC1 provides just that kind of compression bringing cohesion and punch; equally useful for drum buss and instrument compression.
1069 €

( 1,283 inc-vat )
TK AudioBC2-MENew"Mastering" version of the BC1. During years of success with the BC1 TK Audio got a lot of requests of customize units with stepped controls, more suitable for mastering. Therefore TK launched the BC2-ME, a unit perfect for mastering. Except for the stepped controls TK also added some nice features like illuminated switches, switchable output-stage between electronically-balanced or transformer balanced class-A. BC2-ME uses the same basic sound path as the BC1, plus the extra features. The class-A mode offers a more vintage tone, like fat, punchy low-end response with more low mid character. The output section is the same as we use in the DP1. BC2-ME also has a switch that adds extra harmonics to the compressed signal. The blend control offers 23 steps from straight to compressed signal.
1739 €

( 2,087 inc-vat )
ToneluxTX5CNew500 series compressor module. Discrete Design, with Custom Tonelux Opamps, Blending of Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Compression, Wet/Dry Mix control and Gain Make-up Control for Parallel Compression, 6 LED Gain Reduction Meter, Over Compression and TILT EQ in the Side Chain.
679 €

( 815 inc-vat )
Tornade MSES Series Bus CompressorNewThe \\\"ES-Series Stereo Bus Compressor\\\" is based on a solid state technology.
Hand Made in France using only the finest components.
Front and back panels are made of black anodized brushed aluminium, painted engraving.
Very efficient to raise up the average level, the E series compressor offers unrivalled punch either on an entire mix or on separate channels.
It tends to add depth and width to mixes while still being very musical.
Over the classic compression features, the E series Stereo buss comp offers a variable High pass filter, Dry to mix function (parallel compression) and a Key input to control the compression from an external source.
1600 €

( 1,920 inc-vat )
TubetechCL 1BNewMono Compressor.
2490 €

( 2,988 inc-vat )
TubetechCL 2ANewStereo Compressor.
3085 €

( 3,702 inc-vat )
TubetechLCA 2BNewStιrιo Compressor/Limiter.
3330 €

( 3,996 inc-vat )
TubetechSMC 2BNewMultiband Stereo Compressor
3550 €

( 4,260 inc-vat )
TubetechSMC 2BMNewMultiband Stereo Compressor. SMC 2B mastering version.
4590 €

( 5,508 inc-vat )
Universal Audio1176 LNNewMono FET compressor - 'modern' version of the 1176.
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Universal Audio2-1176NewStereo/Dual compressor, 2 channel version of the 1176LN.
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Universal Audio4-710dNewFour-channel microphone/line preamplifier with unique tube and solid-state tone blending capabilities — perfect for a wide range of microphone and instrument sources. This versatile multi-channel preamp offers selectable 1176-style compression circuitry on each channel, plus four additional line inputs feeding eight channels of pristine analog-to-digital conversion. Building upon UA's classic analog design approach, combined with smart modern features, the 4-710d is the most flexible preamp in the UA lineup.
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Universal AudioLA-3ANewMono optical compressor - Classic LA-3A reissue.
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Universal AudioLA-3A DNewDouble mono optical compressor - 2 channel version of the LA-3A.
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Universal AudioLA-610UsedMic / Line preamplifier + EQ + optical compressor.
Universal AudioTeletronix LA-2ANewMono tube limiter/compressor - Classic LA-2A reissue.
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Urei1176LNUsed1176LN Rev H, classic peak limiter.
Serial 9650H
Fully serviced
ValleyDynamiteUsedVintage stereo Comp + Lim + Gate + Expander. Was a must have in the 80s. Unit with a very peculiar sound that allows making things quite impossible to achieve with standard dynamic control units. The compressor and limiter allows to obtain drastic effects and the Gate is one of the best in its category.
Vertigo SoundVSC-2NewDual/stereo compressor for recording AND Mastering. Built around handbuilt discrete VCAs. Superb sound, to be listened absolutely!
3940 €

( 4,728 inc-vat )
Vintage DesignC1 Mk1UsedMono, all class-A compressor based around the compressor section of the CL1mk2. Like the CL1mk2 the C1mk2 a balanced input and output through Carnhill/St'Ives transformers. The combining of transformer-balanced circuits and a diode bridge as gain circuits gives the unit the most wanted sound character with its smooth compression and warm soft distortion. Some of the most wanted vintage compressors like the 2254, 2264, 33609, Siemens™ and EMI™ used this style of gain reduction circuitry. The only difference on the Mk2 version is the stepped threshold control.
WARM AUDIOWA76 LIMITING AMPLIFIERNewhe WA76 Limiting Amplifier is a modern reproduction of the Classic 1176 Revision D.
Every effort was made to remain faithful to the original designs including the use of Reichenbach Engineering’s (now CineMag) transformer designs that were used in the original.
The classic 1176 was a major breakthrough in limiter technology — the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry offering superior performance with a signature sound — and set the standard for all limiters to follow. The ultra-fast attack time and trademark sound have lured legendary artists and studio moguls alike to the 1176 — Peter Frampton, Joe Satriani, Joe Chiccarelli, Vance Powell, and Mike Elizondo are just a few names on a list that’s continued to grow, for nearly 50 years.
615.83 €

( 738 inc-vat )
WesAudioBeta 76New1176 style compressor.
Vintage / Modern switch allowing to pass from a classic electronic input stage to a transformer based input stage (carhnill).
3 positions high pass filter.
1099 €

( 1,319 inc-vat )

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