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A DesignsATTYNewThe ATTY (rhymes with "Patty") is a low-cost, no-noise, compact device designed for audio level control. It can be connected to any audio system requiring output gain control. This gives you additional power over your sound environment. The ATTY is easy to use and seamless to connect. It is a convenient solution for controlling audio from a variety of sources. It features dual audio INs and OUTs, a level control knob, and a mute button.
It can be use in various application such as:
Line Level Control for an input to prevent clipping. Use it between a guitar amp/bass amp/keyboard/mic preamp and the inputs of your A/D converter.
Place it in back of one of our tube preamps and explore different in/out level combinations without overloading your other gear.
Use it as a Level Control to control a pair of powered monitors. The quick mute switch can come in handy as a cough drop!
Use it as a passive line level control for extension speakers.
120 €

( 144 inc-vat )
Analog ProcessEFX PluginNewThe EFX Plugin is a great unit (also available as a 500 series module) that is both a DI and a Reamper but not only: Additionally to the standard features of an excellent DI and REAMP, it allows using all the guitar pedals ot similar instrument effect boxes directly with a DAW or a console as if they were "hardware" plugins. Some features are really groundbreaking to this kind of accessory, like the guitar pickup simulator on the reamp output, and the circuits of very high quality makes it a real professional tool. To our opinion, an essential too in the studio.
334 €

( 401 inc-vat )
AntelopeVoltikusNewSleek heavy-duty Power Supply Unit (PSU) designed to perfectly match the Zodiac DAC. Carefully tailored to deliver uncompromised power, Voltikus helps Zodiac achieve the punch and sonic richness of deep lows, a full range of mids, and tightly defined highs. This degree of performance is accomplished by incorporating a hefty, custom-wound, electrostatically shielded toroidal transformer followed by a unique concept of three cascaded power regulators.
748 €

( 898 inc-vat )
2290 €

( 2,748 inc-vat )
BricastiM10NewRemote Console for control of up to eight M7 or M7M.
2126 €

( 2,551 inc-vat )
ChandlerPSU-1NewPSU for TG or LT series units.
242 €

( 290 inc-vat )
ChandlerPSU-2NewPSU for Mini Mixer
435 €

( 522 inc-vat )
Crane SongAvocetNewStereo controller with three digital inputs, three analog inputs and a headphone system, designed to solve the problems of accurate monitoring and volume control as required by workstation users, studios and mastering rooms alike.
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Dangerous MusicSourceNewThe Dangerous Source provides the critical link between your ears and the music. Every tracking and mixing decision hinges upon what you hear: how to locate the microphone’s sweet spot for the perfect vocal, where to place the panning to define each instrument’s space, creating the perfect marriage of kick and bass in the track...
Plug in two pairs of headphones and get inspired- serious amplification to turn up your creative heat.
Select any of the four sources individually or at the same time- plug your iPod into AN2 and jam along in AN1.
Listen to any combination of sources from either section. For example, let the singer hear their own personal headphone mix from the AN2 input, while you engineer the real mix, coming from the USB input.
There’s even a line level control room output, mirroring the speaker selector for dubbing, sampling or running external meters.
Switch between two sets of speakers... or use one output for a subwoofer... or play them both at once to blow up the neighborhood.
Built for life on the road, slide the SOURCE into your backpack and hit the streets.
825 €

( 990 inc-vat )
Funky JunkMST-1NewVery strong monitor stand pair (9kgs / 3 x 40mm2 metal bars) adjustable from 50 to 95cm, ideal to install speakers behind a table or a console. Spikes (supplied) can be fitted in both the upper and lower trays to help eliminate resonant frequencies often created by the contact with the ground and/or the speaker.
160 €

( 192 inc-vat )
GML8355NewPower supply unit for 8200 / 8302 / 8304.
418 €

( 502 inc-vat )
GML9015NewPower supply unit for 8900 / 2020.
510 €

( 612 inc-vat )
Latch Lake MusicMicKing 2200NewBig microphone stand. At full extension reaches up to 4meters. Single release Latch Lake Lever Locks® with built in cord clips are featured throughout all stand adjustment. Click on picture for more infos.
442 €

( 530 inc-vat )
Latch Lake MusicMicKing 2200 Big FootNewBig microphone stand. Same model as the standard 2200 but with the 3300 Base (heavier & larger). Click on picture for more infos.
494 €

( 593 inc-vat )
Latch Lake MusicMicKing 3300NewBig microphone stand. At full extension reaches up to 6 meters. Single release Latch Lake Lever Locks® with built in cord clips are featured throughout all stand adjustment. Click on picture for more infos.
699 €

( 839 inc-vat )
Latch Lake MusicSpin GripNewAmazing mic mount. Lets you place your mics in any position.
91 €

( 109 inc-vat )
Latch Lake MusicXtra BoomNewAdditional clamp & boom for microphone stand.
78 €

( 94 inc-vat )
LavryBlack RM-KITNewBlack series rackmount kit.
50 €

( 60 inc-vat )
Little LabsIBP JuniorNewThe IBP Junior easily eliminate the undesireable hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. Designed as a phase problem solving device, the IBP Analong Phase Alignment Tool has quickly become popular among audio engineers as not only a “fix it” tool but as a controlling audio phase creative, tonal color tool.
326 €

( 391 inc-vat )
Little LabsSTD MENewThe STD allows you to use long microphone cables or microphone tie lines to extend your guitar or any instrument cable without the loss of tone and increase of noise associated with long instrument cable runs. It also has two outputs for splitting between two amps or between an amp and a direct injection box, with a selectable ground lift on one output to eliminate ground loop problems.
126 €

( 151 inc-vat )
ManleyMicMaidNewThe MicMAID is designed to let you audition and select between up to four microphones and four microphone preamplifiers. Simply plug them all into this box, push the buttons, and pick your favorite combo! You can hear every mic through every pre, match output levels for each and every signal path, and save your favorite settings with the push of a button - all without unplugging a single cable. There's even a front-panel DI with variable phase adjustment to guarantee a perfect match with your other inputs.
2845 €
2590 €

( 3,108 inc-vat )
MRLComboNewReel-to-reel recorder aligment tape available in 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2". 2 speeds (15 and 30ips). 4 fréquencies: 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 16KHz. NAB or AES EQ. Available in 250 or 355 nWb/m.
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RB ANNISHan D MagNewRugged, dual-use Demagnetizer having a powerful, sine wave demagnetizing field strength of over 350 oersted 1/4" beyond the tip of the 2 1/4" long probe.
110 €

( 132 inc-vat )
RMGISM 900 - 34620NewMagnetic tape - 1/4" - 762 m - NAB 27 cm metal reel.
51 €

( 61 inc-vat )
RMGISM 900 - 34720NewMagnetic tape - 1/2" - 762 m - NAB 27 cm metal reel.
69 €

( 83 inc-vat )
RMGISM 900 - 34820NewMagnetic tape - 1" - 762 m - NAB 27 cm metal reel.
121 €

( 145 inc-vat )
RMGISM 900 - 34920NewMagnetic tape - 2" - 762 m - Precision 27 cm metal reel
219 €

( 263 inc-vat )
S C & SIsobox Studio 20uUsedBy Sound Construction & Supply, soundproof 19" 20u rack (over 30db of sound reduction). Thermostatically controlled fans, audible & visual thermal alarm. Perfect finish.
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SignexCPT96D25NewExcellent and very reliable 96 pts TT (bantam) patchbay built in the UK. Very affordable price. D-sub connectors on the rear wired to the Tascam 38/88 pattern, so that wiring looms can be made up separately, then just plugged in on site!
370 €

( 444 inc-vat )
SignexCPT96TNewAs the CPT96D25 but with direct solder terminations (without d-sub).
310 €

( 372 inc-vat )
SignexLBK01NewThe LBK01 Lacing Bar Kit provides a means of anchoring the rear connection loom and supporting it independently from the rear connectors or solder joints. It can be used with any of the new CP series connector panels.
25 €

( 30 inc-vat )
SignexPLT600ENew60cm TT (Bantam) patch cord. Available in black, red, grean or blue. Sold by 5. The price is for a pack of 5.
50 €

( 60 inc-vat )
SSLMADI-X8NewAffordable, powerful and versatile 8 port MADI routing system.
3332 €

( 3,998 inc-vat )
Wunder AudioBlack BoxNewPower supply for 1 or 2 PEQ1R.
410 €

( 492 inc-vat )

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