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Trident Audio is a name that is associated with the Great British success of console design and sound throughout the world. England, today, still leads the world in music recording consoles and Trident were one of the very first. From 1995 the name slowly disappeared, but from 1998, new life has been injected with Trident Audio Ltd formed by John Oram, one of the member of the original Trident team, who, after starting his career working for Vox in the 1960s, subsequently became involved with Trident Developments where he became the company's principal circuit designer during the '70s and early '80s. Today Trident Audio offers a whole range of equipment based on the circuits that already made the success of Trident in the past.
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Trident75 28/24UsedClassic \'British\' console in excellent condition including:
28 mono channels with direct out - Routing 24 - HPF - 4 band EQ (sweep mids)
24 groups - 24 monitors
4 effect returns - 8 auxs - Meters.
Compact for the channel count (52 channels in Mix mode).
All op amps have been replaced by Burr Brown OPA602AP for better s/n ration and increased frequency response, completely recapped in septembre 2014 (panasonic).
Beefy soundtracks PSU.
Comes with most tuchel and wiring. Contact us for more informations.
8750 €

( 10,500 inc-vat )
Trident80 InlineUsedVery rare and gorgious INLINE Trident 80 console (very few models like that were ever built, the standard option for the 80 being a split monitoring). This console features 30 channels turning into 60 channels in Mix mode. Each channel features one line, Mic and tape input, the famous original 4-band EQ often copied but never equalled, 4 aux sends (to 8 aux buses), the monitor section, a direct out and a 24 bus "tape" routing. The console additionnally features 6 aux inputs (typically used for effect returns), a very versatile general monitoring section and a Master section. Don't miss the now rare opportunity to find this famous rich and fat sound from the 70s and 80s back, this unfortunately impossible to get with pale clones built nowadays!
Trident80B 32-24UsedSuperb Trident 80B.
32 Channels with mic/line preamp + 4 band EQ (sweep mids) + HPF, 4 Aux + 1 Stereo Aux.
24 Monitors.
Provided with spare patchbays, looms and channels. Call or email for infos.
36790 €

( 44,148 inc-vat )
49750 €

( 59,700 inc-vat )
TridentA RangeNew2-channel rack-mountable version of the legendary Trident 'A' Range console. Comprising two independent channels, each with a microphone/line amplifier and four band equaliser.
3093 €
2926 €

( 3,511 inc-vat )
TridentS 65 - 40-8-2UsedVery nice trident S65.
40 channels with Mic / line input, balanced insert & direct out, 4 band EQ + HP filter.
8 groups with Insert, 16 monitor path.
This console features rare options for this serie:
- Bargraph on each channel and group, next to the fader.
- Individual front panel 48v switch. (most of the S65 have back panel switches for 48v).
Fully serviced.
Sold without legs. (flat bottom allows to place the console over any desk/stand).
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TridentSeries 80BNew2 channel rack-mountable version of the legendary Series 80B console. Comprising two independent channels, each with a microphone/line amplifier and four band equaliser.
2090 €
1985 €

( 2,382 inc-vat )
TridentTSMUsedTrident TSM preamp and EQ module pair racked by Funky Junk. The British sound to the highest degree! The TSM console was the high-end Trident console for a long period and was installed in many studios from the end of the 70s to the end of the 80s. It's a unique opportunity to becomme the owner of a circuit that participated in numerous hits throughout the world!
The preamp section includes a line input with gain control, a transformer balanced mic input with gain control, a phase inverter, a 48v switch, an insert switch and a pre/post EQ insert switch.
The EQ section features adjustable HP and LP filters as well as a 4 parametric bands with stepped frequency controls and faders as gain controls. Not to say that this sounds particularly sweet...
1254 €

( 1,505 inc-vat )

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