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PMC is a UK based, world-leading manufacturer of professional monitor and audiophile speaker systems. PMC designs feature its uniquely engineered Advanced Transmission Line technology (ATL), which provides, high resolution, wide bandwidth signal response across the complete product range. Proprietary drive units, electronics and cabinet engineering, provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range throughout a range of designs, extending from the world's smallest TL design, the DB1+, to large scale active control room monitoring systems such as the flagship BB5-XBD Active.
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Price ex-VAT
PMCAML2New2 Way bi-amplified monitors.
(Price for a speaker pair).
6583 €

( 7,900 inc-vat )
PMCDB1S+NewPassive 2 Way monitors, black studio version.
(Price for a speaker pair).
1060 €

( 1,272 inc-vat )
PMCDB1S-A IINewActive version of the DB1S
(Price for a speaker pair).
1660 €
1546.82 €

( 1,855 inc-vat )
PMCIB1SNewPassive 3 Way Monitor.
(Price for a speaker pair).
7416 €

( 8,899 inc-vat )
PMCIB1S-AIINewActive version of the IB1S
(Price for a speaker pair).
9600 €

( 11,520 inc-vat )
PMCIB2S-ANewActive version of the IB2S / Bryston amplifier.
(Price for a speaker pair).
22500 €

( 27,000 inc-vat )
PMCSB100NewPassive SUBwoofer specifically designed to partner IB1S, IB2S and AML2. 250mm woofer, Recommended Amp Power: 120-500W.
1798 €

( 2,158 inc-vat )
PMCSB100-APNewActive version of the SB100.
2843 €

( 3,412 inc-vat )
PMCTB2S-A IINewActive version of the TB2S+
(Price for a speaker pair).
2508 €

( 3,010 inc-vat )

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