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HE Studiotechnik is a German manufacturer specialized in housing for old German high quality audio modules (Tab / Telefunken / Siemens). General features of all the "Neue Heimat" Rackmounts includes : Handmade in Munich, Germany, all controls are located on the front faceplate, symmetrical design for easy use, 230V shielded, 2-pole mains switching, all Audio wiring shielded, soft ground lift, engraved frontplate 3mm alumminium (2hu) & 4mm (4Hu), colour layout of the engraving, ventilation holes on top, seperate earthing of all housing parts, all psus are engineered especially for audio use and built in house by HE studiotechnik, no interferences from the transformers (toroidal, denoised +48V), switchable +48 Volts ramped Phantom, including indicator lights, Goldplated rotarys for gain control. Additionally in rackmounts for tube modules: The modules are supplied with original 220 Volt to provide the original performance and longlife for tubes.(230 or 240 Volt limited to 220 Volts), Sensitivity switch is incorporated, originally used in V series consoles, that makes the fixed 34dB gain switchable downwards in 3 dB steps, the downward pads are matched for stereo use!, both channels are coming up with switchable +48 Volts ramped Phantom, including indicator lights. (ramped +48V doesn`t harm classic input transformers with high ratio like V72, V76, V77 (1:40!!!!!!!!))
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