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Gyraf AudioGyratec IINewAll-tube recording channel, combining a microphone/line preamp, an equalizer and an optical compressor. Although solid state electronics is used in the power supply and sidechain, the audio signal never gets touched by anything but tubes, transformers and passives. Very different from most “tubed” consumer-type studio gear.
1902 €

( 2,275 inc-vat )
Gyraf AudioGyratec IIINewTrue tube stereo compressor based on the opto VCA principle. This method - controlling the gain by the means of a light dependent resistor - is not as fast as the vari-mu method, but much more subtle sonically. This principle is known from eg. the classic Universal audio LA2, LA3 and LA4 compressors
2158 €

( 2,581 inc-vat )
Gyraf AudioGyratec XNewReal tube stereo compressor based on the classic variable-mu principle. This method - controlling the gain by altering quesient current in differential tube pairs - is much faster than the optical method. The speed is why it was widely used in early limiter devices such as the Fairchild 670 or the Universal Audio 176, but the sonic byproducts of this topology are the main reasons why it is so popular today.
2750 €

( 3,289 inc-vat )
Gyraf AudioGyratec XIVNewTrue tube, all passive, stereo equalizer. It consist of five bands - each with 11 switchable frequencies, variable “Q”, and boost/cut selection. It also has an output level trim, and a “hard” relay bypass control.
2665.55 €

( 3,187 inc-vat )

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