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CartecCompère 500NewThe Compère 500 is a 19” series 500 enclosure with a total of 8 slots. The internal heavy duty power supply provides up to a massive 3 amps per rail giving users total peace of mind about running any combination of modules. What also sets the Compère 500 apart from other 500 series boxes is the assignable front panel input XLR. This is in addition to the 8 input and output XLR's for each module slot. Users will be able to act as a 'Compère' and introduce the front panel input signal to any one of the 8 modules via the front panel 'Aux to input module' rotatory switch and associated +48v phantom power switch. This is intended to provide uninterrupted phantom power when switching to different pre-amp modules. The 'Aux to output module' rotatory switch selects which module carries the output and the audio appears on the dedicated rear mounted 'routing section output' XLR socket. This enables users to easily and quickly plug something into the front of the rack ( or dedicated rear mounted 'routing section input' XLR for neat patch bay installations ) and make comparisons with different pre-amps, compressors, or EQ's. The regular modules XLR I/O audio path is defeated while the Aux Compère function is activated for that module. In addition, at the rear of the rack each module slot has a 'link' switch which routes the output of a module into the input of the next module slot to the right. Each Compère 500 will ship complete with 4x blank modules free of charge.
640 €

( 765 inc-vat )
CartecEQ-Pre-2ANewStereo preamp and EQ using the full equalizer circuit and components from the EQP-1A, but with solid state discrete op-amps as used in the later 'Pultec' units. A second amplifier is used to provide the microphone gain, but this unit can also be used with line level by engaging the 'LINE' switch, so it's flexible for tracking, and these news features can also be used in a mix context for individual tracks, or it'll also be great on stems or mix buss work too.
All gain and EQ controls are on rotary switches for perfect recall every time. The output transformer windings can be switched to turn this into a Mid/Side decoder (if using M/S mic technique for instance, it will output Left and Right signals), or encoder for further MS processing in the signal chain. On top of this, the rear panel features a third XLR which provides a transformer balanced Auxillary output that can be panned between channels 1 and 2 using the 'Blend' pot on the front. All passively.. no extra gain stages..
2118 €

( 2,533 inc-vat )
CartecEQP-1ANewHand wired valve equaliser, recreating the distinctive sound and features of the classic Pultec EQP-1A at a very affordable price. Each unit is assembled by hand in England using selected high quality, low tolerance components. A genuine nice work!
2118 €
1990 €

( 2,380 inc-vat )
CartecFE-Q5New500-series inductor based 3 band EQ + HP filter. All discrete opamp design, with input and output transformers. Very soft and musical.
906 €

( 1,084 inc-vat )
CartecPRE-Q5 MK2NewVersion 2.0 of the PRE-Q5 featuring an EQ with adjustable gains and fréquencies (Version 1.0 only features a fix gain / freq EQ).
744 €
680 €

( 813 inc-vat )
CartecTHCNewThe THC is a two channel hybrid compressor that employs eight valves and four discrete amplifiers to achieve a unique level of control over dynamic range, harmonic distortion content, and tonal balance.
After the transformer coupled input, audio is split into two separate parallel processing paths. The first stage is a pair of variable transconductance EF183 valves operating in a push-pull configuration and feeding an ECC82 with an interstage transformer. By varying the input and output level in different proportions, this stage can change from fast, transparent compression, to a more aggressive crushing character with added distortion.
The second stage which splits from a separate winding of the input transformer, is intended to be blended together with the compressed output to either restore some natural dynamics, or add extra character. This uncompressed or 'Dry' signal is passed though a set of passive filters which allow three different bass and three different treble shelving frequencies to be boosted, should you want to blend a higher amount of a particular uncompressed frequency range. In combination with this is a variable asymmetrical clipping threshold, which can greatly increase the second harmonic content for anything from subtle warming, to heavy distortion, and added to taste or even used as an effect on its own.
Both signal paths each have a separate output fader before the discrete mix bus and transformer coupled output amplifier.
The THC can also form a passive Mid/Side encoding and decoding matrix with its input and output transformers, and features a switchable sidechain high pass filter at two frequencies.
4257 €

( 5,091 inc-vat )

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