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Brauner Microphones, as it is known today, was founded in the beginning of 1995, as a follow up of Dirk Brauners first company, D.B.E., (Dirk Brauner Engineering) a company that was mainly offering maintenance services on professional audio gear and that also developed some special tube equipment and guitar amps. Nevertheless, the roots in the development and completion of Brauners unique VM1 tube microphone go back to the time even before the D.B.E. in 1993, where Dirk Brauner started his first experiments on the development of tube microphone circuitry. The goal was to make the dream of building the best tube microphone in the world come true, the way Dirk Brauner was thinking about it. In those days he was in no way thinking about establishing a company one day or to sell larger quantities of microphones. Dirk Brauner built the first VM1 just for himself. But after he finished the first VM1, the people that heard it were amazed and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Many of them wanted a VM1 for themselves and urged Dirk to build one for them, which he did. By word of mouth the news of this sensational new microphone spread so wide, that more and more people wanted to have it. That was the beginning of a first series of 20 totally handcrafted VM1's!!!
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Price ex-VAT
BraunerP120-VTNewVery high quality antipop filter with telescopic arms that can be attached to any kind of suspension (including the Brauner ones) by clipping (click thumbnail to see detailed photo).
195 €

( 234 inc-vat )
BraunerPhantheraNewLarge capsule static 48V Microphone with Cardioid Pattern. Where the Phantom AE (Phantom C) and Phantom V replicate the sound of the VM1 in a phantom powered microphone, the Phanthera leans more towards the sound of the VMX!
1350 €
1203 €

( 1,444 inc-vat )
BraunerPhanthera VNew3 pattern (Omni, cardioid and figure eight) version of the Phanthera microphone.
2280 €
2005 €

( 2,406 inc-vat )
BraunerPhantom ClassicNewOne pattern (cardioide) version of the Phantom V. Excellent very versatile static microphone.
1050 €
828 €

( 994 inc-vat )
BraunerPhantom Classic B-stockNewOne pattern (cardioide) version of the Phantom V. Excellent very versatile static microphone.
B-Stock Unit
1050 €
760.87 €

( 912 inc-vat )
BraunerPhantom Classic BasicNewSame thing than the Phantom Classic but comes with no Vovox cable and aluminium case (only stand mount and card box).
890 €
799 €

( 959 inc-vat )
BraunerPhantom VNewStatic 48V Microphone with 3 Patterns.
2040 €
1820 €

( 2,184 inc-vat )
BraunerValvetNewValve Microphone with Omni and Cardioid Patterns.
2400 €
2136 €

( 2,563 inc-vat )
BraunerValvet XNewValvet cardio only version.
1975 €
1664 €

( 1,997 inc-vat )
BraunerValvet X B-stockNewValvet cardio only version.
B-Stock Model.
1975 €
1537 €

( 1,844 inc-vat )
BraunerVM1NewVariable Pattern Valve Microphone, amazing sound very similar to Neumann U47.
3920 €
3490 €

( 4,188 inc-vat )
BraunerVM1 Pure CardioidNewCardio only version of the VM1.
3020 €
2675 €

( 3,210 inc-vat )
BraunerVM1SNewSTEREO Variable Pattern Valve Microphone, stereo version of the VM1.
7670 €
6855 €

( 8,226 inc-vat )
BraunerVMANewBuild on the same basis than the VM1 but including 2 switchable circuits allowing two different type of sound...
5900 €
5259 €

( 6,311 inc-vat )
BraunerVMXNewVariable Pattern Valve Microphone using the features of the VMA second circuitry to get a more vintage sound than the classic VM1.
4110 €
3754 €

( 4,505 inc-vat )
BraunerVMX Pure CardioidNewCardio only version of the VMX.
3180 €
2826 €

( 3,391 inc-vat )

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