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AntelopeBundle Eclipse 384 + 10MNewBundle including the renowned Eclipse 384 master converter + Isochrone 10M rubidium atomic clock.
7938.96 €

( 9,494 inc-vat )
AntelopeBundle Trinity 10MNewBundle including the Isochrone Trinity video reference master clock + Isochrone 10M rubidium atomic clock.
6680.6 €

( 7,989 inc-vat )
AntelopeBundle Zodiac Gold + VoltikusNewBundle including a Zodiac Gold reference DAC and his Voltikus stabilized power supply.
3005.85 €
2253.34 €

( 2,695 inc-vat )
AntelopeBundle Zodiac+ + VoltikusNewBundle including a Zodiac Gold mastering DAC and his Voltikus stabilized power supply.
2462.37 €
1668.06 €

( 1,995 inc-vat )
AntelopeEclipse 384NewEclipse 384 is an advanced 384 kHz A/D & D/A converter clocked by Antelope's renowned 64-bit technology and a flexible monitoring system that creates a technological synergy by combining the most prominent Antelope's innovations. It provides mastering and mixing engineers an unprecedented level of productivity, sound quality and ease of use.

The Eclipse comprises 384 kHz A/D & D/A converters clocked by two independent 64-bit DSP Trinity-level clocks. The fully integrated monitor controller employs 0.05 dB accurate gold-plated relay attenuators and provides speaker switching, bass management and cue mix functions with integrated talkback. The Eclipse also includes two dedicated headphone amplifiers and a custom USB interface, as well as two large peak meters on the front panel. The advanced software control panel compatible with both Mac & PC, allows five nameable presets for easy recall of favorite setups.
5430.6 €

( 6,494 inc-vat )
AntelopeIsochrone 10MNewRubidium atomic reference generator

For those refusing to accept compromises in audio quality there is the Isochrone 10M - a Rubidium Atomic Reference Generator based on real atomic technology. The 10M is designed specifically to appeal to the most discerning audiophiles and audio professionals.
The Rubidium Atomic Clock is the perfect companion to the Isochrone audio master clocks such as the OCX or OCX-V. When connected to the Isochrone 10M, these devices switch over automatically from oven-based crystal to the superior Rubidium Core. Isochrone 10M is the ultimate tool in achieving analog sound. Experts agree that 10M is probably “the best sounding clock” ever produced.
4761.71 €

( 5,694 inc-vat )
AntelopeIsochrone OCXNewOne of the most stable, best sounding audio only master clock available. Powered by an Oven Controlled Discrete Transistor Crystal Oscillator, the advantages are immediate and indispensable. Features one W/Cx256 "Superclock" output for Digidesign Pro-Tools systems, 8 Word Clock outputs, 2 AES/EBU outputs and 2 S/PDIF outputs. Works up to 192Khz.
915 €

( 1,094 inc-vat )
AntelopeIsochrone OCX VNewThe OCX-V is a video-enabled audio master clock that offers seamless operation with PAL, NTSC, and over a dozen HDTV standards. Its versatility is taken a step further by supporting simultaneous 0.1% and 4% pull-up/down functionality, enabling unprecedented flexibility. These features, plus impressive gear-boxing functionality make the OCX-V an indispensable tool for any video installation.
1333.61 €

( 1,594 inc-vat )
AntelopeIsochrone TrinityNewIn the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, the new Trinity will be the Master Clock that stands out from the crowd for years to come, with the kind of features that other manufacturers can only aspire to. With dedicated functions and controls, the new Trinity is the best sounding and most versatile Master Clock available anywhere.
1918.89 €

( 2,294 inc-vat )
AntelopeOrionNewThe Antelope Audio Orion 32 is the world’s first 32-channel AD/DA converter, supporting both MADI and USB interfaces, clocked by Antelope’s renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology. Orion 32 allows 192 kHz I/O streaming of 32-channel digital audio through its custom-built USB chip, which provides simple connectivity to any USB-enabled DAW or computer. The converter also provides 32 channels of 96 kHz audio through its Fiber Optic MADI I/O connections, which can be used to connect with any suitably equipped MADI device. The multi-channel converter also supports ADAT protocol by offering 16 I/O channels, for even greater compatibility with a large number of audio devices. The multi-channel converter inputs and outputs pass the analog signal through eight D-SUB 25 I/O connectors.
2086 €

( 2,495 inc-vat )
AntelopeVoltikusNewSleek heavy-duty Power Supply Unit (PSU) designed to perfectly match the Zodiac DAC. Carefully tailored to deliver uncompromised power, Voltikus helps Zodiac achieve the punch and sonic richness of deep lows, a full range of mids, and tightly defined highs. This degree of performance is accomplished by incorporating a hefty, custom-wound, electrostatically shielded toroidal transformer followed by a unique concept of three cascaded power regulators.
748 €

( 895 inc-vat )
AntelopeZodiacNewA high definition USB D/A converter Zodiac is a high definition USB digital to analog converter designed to enrich your home audio system at an affordable price. The digital audio converter employs Antelope's proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology and oven controlled oscillator which establish pro audio industry standards, bringing significant benefits to the detail, dynamics and stereo placement of the audio.
1333.61 €

( 1,594 inc-vat )
AntelopeZodiac +NewHigh-end stereo Digital to analog converter, the ideal tool for a master end-of-chain conversion in the studio as well as for audiophile use. Sample rate up to 192Khz, hyper steady oven controlled clock, AES/EBU + S/PDIF digital outputs that can be used to clock your whole digital system, +4dB analog outputs (Jacks + XLRs), -10dB analog outputs (RCA), S/PDIF, Toslink and AES/EBU digital inputs, headphone outputs with volume control, general volume, mute and mono switch.
1919 €

( 2,295 inc-vat )
AntelopeZodiac GoldNewLike the Zodiac + but with sample rate up to 384Khz, remote control and stepped relay volume control accurate to 0.05dB.
2504 €

( 2,995 inc-vat )

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