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Smart Research was formed by Alan Smart for the development of high performance audio equipment. He has worked in the professional audio industry for some 20 years since starting as an assistant engineer in Wave Studios in London, and then as an electronics engineer at Digital Audio Systems, who provided Sony PCM mastering systems to UK studios; manufactured Webertest tapes, and restored and extended several Neve consoles and other equipment. Engineering at SSL's 'Huge' studios in Oxford led to a position as commissioning and service engineer for SSL. His first assignment abroad was to commission George Benson's SSL at Lahaina Sound in Hawaii, after which he went onto either service or commission many of the rapidly expanding collection of SSL Studios such as Virgin's Townhouse 1 and 2; Sarm West; Wessex; Abbey Road; Air Studios and others. Experience with broadcast studios came at the UK's BBC, Denmark Radio, and Japan's NHK, and travel for SSL included visiting Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the West Indies and the USA. This period involved solving the problems at each new installation, as SSL moved to from around 25 console sales, to become a world standard.
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Price ex-VAT
Alan Smart01/7NewReplacement preamp card for SSL series E or G console channel.
480 €

( 576 inc-vat )
Alan Smart2ToolsNewMakes ProTools behave as a true tape machine to work with SSL desks and provide traditional mixing and tracking sessions.
1225 €

( 1,470 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC1NewSSL type stereo compressor
1975 €

( 2,370 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC2NewLike the C1 with "CRUSH"
2475 €

( 2,970 inc-vat )
Alan SmartC2MNewLike the C2 but with only one set of controls. Version dedicated to stereo signal processing.
1975 €

( 2,370 inc-vat )
Alan SmartDINewSmart DI Box.
325 €

( 390 inc-vat )
Alan SmartDI DeluxeNewSmart DI Box.
415 €

( 498 inc-vat )

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